“It was our wish, upon touring the entire campus, to dedicate our philanthropy to this residence, knowing our support would be geared to enabling seniors with Alzheimer’s disease to live with the greater comfort and dignity they deserve.”

– Roni Goldsmith

“We see a future where the elderly population in our community will grow dramatically, requiring both increased and innovative care. By funding a charitable gift annuity, we help to ensure that MorseLife will continue to advance and innovate as a center of excellence in senior care.”

– Beth and Marc Goldberg

“We share a deep commitment to helping those less fortunate, including the forgotten elderly. We believe every gift, large or small, makes a difference; and we know the power of philanthropy to change lives for the better.”

– Diane and Mark Goldman

“We share a deep personal commitment to the health and well-being of our community’s seniors. We give generously to MorseLife, knowing our gifts are an impactful investment in hope and healing of cherished elders in its care.”

– Jan Willinger and Bob Spiegel